maisie cheat sheet


for clothing reference, my measurements are:
bust 42 1/2in, waist 37 1/2in, hip 48 1/2in

stuff i'll always like
cute or fuzzy socks (tall socks are favorite, but i need any kind)
headbands (ribbon, cat ears, cute!)
candles, incense, fragrance
sweets and treats
tea (i like all kinds, but especially looking for Jasmine right now!)
soap, bath stuff (salts, oils, bombs, etc)
art prints, wall decor
gemstones and rocks that look cool
interesting/weird jewelry
lucky cats or other similar small figurines
gift cards or cash are always useful if all else fails!

alternative/weird fashions
quick outfits; dresses, things that are comfortable and easy to put on
cute skirts or shorts (or maybe pants, if they are made of soft fabric) pastel clothing, rainbow clothing or clothing that has hearts on it
oversized soft sweaters
shirst/dresses w. peter pan collars or other cutely decorative collars
SUSPENDER SKIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that fit)
heart keyhole top (i have one i want more)

random stuff
something to hold headbands
bed sheets (twin/full)
posca paint pens
brush pens
small craft scissors
big bath towels (bath sheets?)
flavored olive oils

themes i like
hearts, love theme
cats, bugs, snakes
flowers, roses, honeysuckle, lavender
crystals and gems (rose quartz especially)
colors: rainbows, pastel pink/purple/blue
scents: floral! lemon verbena, bamboo, "Dirt"
flavors: rose and lavender, pear, cherry, butterscotch

media i like
hello kitty, sanrio
pokemon, kirby, animal crossing
touhou, len'en
adventure time
ghibli movies
dungeon meshi, hakumei to mikochi, nichijou