maisie in your house and home.

> I'm maisie, but if you're here you probably already know me!

> I am a 25 year old funny catgirl/boy. i like to draw pictures and images, and have a lot of ocs. i enjoy "medias" such as "Touhou", and other ones, that you have probably already seen me talk about at length. I talk a lot! There is something wrong with me

> i have always been a little cat my entire life. i have a petsite obsession and play them basically nonstop all the time. i'm your gay dpd friend with a cat who will never give up.

thank you for having tea with me. i'm having 1 cup of lavender rose. it's warm. it's nice.

♥ now you can learn fun facts. ♥

  • My height is 5'3". It was 5'2" for a long time, but then i grew 1 inch! horray!

  • my favorite color is pastel pink but i also like pastel purple and blue :)

  • my favorite flavors are butterscotch, pear, rose and lavender.

  • my associated color is blue!

  • my associated weather is 'rainy day'!

  • my associated season is summer!

  • i used to be able to clear yume nikki in under 1hour. i wanted to get it under 30min... but it's been awhile

  • my favorite rock is rose quartz and i have multiple jewelries and pieces of it. i like it because it is love :)

  • i have 66 ocs logged in toyhouse and the one with the most art has 140+ pieces!

  • once i made a tumblr post with my face on it that got so many notes i was approache in the school library it was so scary