my name is holly rose.
i accept the name 'lark', as well, but no-one ever calls me that -- it makes no difference

the first to ever rear my head, i tend to make myself scarce, a flickering presence on the edge of the psyche, like the flame of a candle. though i don't check in often, i love to be present, and enjoy to be productive and spend time being alive.

i am a lantern-bearer, a firefly of the woods, who prefers nature and the creatures therein. i have an affinity for insects, and a penchant for lighting candles. i like to dress myself in layers of draped clothing and warm fabrics. i don't consume much media these days, but i have a fondness for Over the Garden Wall and the Moomin franchise.

i used to have an altar, but it's gone now. perhaps one day it will come back. i will show you if it does.

for consistency's sake, my weather is sunny day, my season is winter, and my systemic color is white.

holly rose
sunlit ephemeral insect
born 12.01.2014

For the shade of the tree,
for the hum of the breeze,
for the beetles overwintering
in the brush of the leaves.

"This is for you."