= Post-battle win dialogue blurbs =

BLOOD MOON: The dream girl in pink!

"Why is everyone so feisty today? I guess I'll just have to play along..."

Blood Moon vs Blood Moon

"Maybe this is all a dream..."
"Huh, a creature that copies appearances? Just what are you, I wonder..."
"Hmm... I need to brush my hair."

Blood Moon vs Have a Watery Wednesday

"Ahh, wait, don't run away! I still had something to say to you..."
"I promise I'm not scary... but I guess this wasn't a very good way of proving it."
"Why are you so scared of me..? Did Colint say something bad about me?"

Blood Moon vs Colint

"Sorry... it's hard to let you win when you don't put in much effort."
"'You'll beat me someday?' I'll look forward to it. Er... when is someday, though?"
"Sorry, I'm not interested. You'll ask again later? Well, okay."

Blood Moon vs Sninzel

"You have really interesting wares! It's hard to look at them when fighting, though..."
"Um... I'm sorry to do this again. I didn't offend you, did I..?"
"It really is a nice tail... it suits you."

Blood Moon vs Boof

"You can be scary, when you want to be. If I beat you, I wonder if that makes me scary too?"
"I'm glad that the human city can have a strong leader like you. Please don't fight me again."
"If you're a monarch, does that mean this was super disrespectful? Uh oh..."

Blood Moon vs Flora Capra

"Sorry, Flora. It's just that I know all your weak points."
"With that out of the way, what do you think you'll want for dinner? It'll be late soon."
"I love you too. If you're going to show your love with play-fighting, I guess I have to, too."

Blood Moon vs Seo Delilah

"Wow! I can still win even when you're at full power... I'm actually a little happy."
"You're a lot less scary to fight, now that I know you a little better. I'm glad."
"You seem like you're adjusting alright. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions."

Blood Moon vs Brandley

"Wow, you aren't scared of anything, are you? I guess that's just what ghosts are like."
"Ahh! You scared me, coming out of nowhere like that..."
"Huh, what time is it..? I didn't think it was that late, but now it's already dark..."

Blood Moon vs Starbursts Gilly

"Wait, wait, this is all a misunderstanding... it's not my fault, really..."
"I used to think all fairies were quiet and shy. I guess I was off the mark, sorry..."
"Oh, I'm sorry, you needed something? Sure, I can help."

Blood Moon vs Doilydally

"Sorry, I don't need to know anything this time."
"What do you do with all the spells you collect, I wonder? Mysterious..."
"You're always slinking around... it seems like you're always up to something."

Blood Moon vs Coffin Bed and Breakfast

"You're looking for something to do? Um, well... I'll let you know if I see anything."
"I won a two-against one, but somehow it doesn't feel very impressive."
"You seem like you're doing better since I last saw you. Huh? You aren't? Oh..."

Blood Moon vs Kitsy Suntails

"Without the sun, you're just the same as any other kitsune, aren't you?"
"Hey... did you name yourself after the thing you did? Or did you do it because of your name?"
"I already have a self proclaimed rival, so I don't really need another one..."

Blood Moon vs Tiffaknee

"Sorry to disappoint. I think I'm too good at this for my own good..."
"I don't understand the things you do."
"Um, I'm a little oblivious, so... talking me up won't do much."

HAVE A WATERY WEDNESDAY: River sprite of fright!

"Ohh, this is so scary... Aah! Wait! No, don't fight meeee!"

Have a Watery Wednesday vs Blood Moon

"E-EEK! No! Stay away! I've heard all about the things you do!!!"
"I-I don't know anything, I can't help, so why do you keep coming to me?!"
"You... you act alright, and yet... uuu..."

Have a Watery Wednesday vs Have a Watery Wednesday

"Ah! I know there are other river sprites, but I didn't think they'd just look like me..."
"Eek! Oh... it was just my reflection in the water."
"I hope it's a good sign if I can beat myself in a fight..."

Have a Watery Wednesday vs Colint

"Ahh! Oh no! I'm sorry! I didn't recognize you immediately! I don't mean it!"
"Thank you for taking care of me all the time, but, um, please don't sneak up on me..."
"Oh wow, I actually won! I'm sorry! Wow, I did it! Really sorry!"

Have a Watery Wednesday vs Sninzel

"H-Huh? How did I get out here? Huh?"
"Magic... items...? No, I don't need those... I'm a sprite."
"Oh, you're a human? That's scarier than if you weren't, I think..."

Have a Watery Wednesday vs Boof

"Why do I feel like you're someone really important? The human city? Oh..."
"Uuu... what a frightening person... I'm lucky I survived..."
"What? Huh? What happened? I feel like I was completely distracted just now..."

Have a Watery Wednesday vs Flora Capra

"I think cats don't like water... but you're still here..."
"I don't think you live here, but I see you all the time... are you doing something bad?"
"Who are you, anyways? 'Blood Moon's girlfriend?' Oh, no..."

Have a Watery Wednesday vs Seo Delilah

"Wh-What the heck kind of power is that?! Eeek!"
"You have such a scary face... wait, huh? You're... sorry? Um..."
"Huh? I won? Those lights were so bright and colorful, I got so distracted... what happened?"

Have a Watery Wednesday vs Brandley

"Whoa, it's cold! Aah, I don't want the water to freeze! Oh no!"
"You can only come out in the dark? I can only stay by the river... we're the same."
"Oh my gosh! I'm sorry! You came out of nowhere and scared me so so bad!"

Have a Watery Wednesday vs Starbursts Gilly

"Oh! It's just you... I'm sorry, I panicked..."
"Sorry, I can't help you with your project... I have to stay here, and..."
"Fairies and sprites are similar, but I feel like we have nothing in common..."

Have a Watery Wednesday vs Doilydally

"Huh? Info? Colint? I don't think I need to know anything... please leave me alone."
"I don't have anything you want! You don't have anything I want! Please go away!"
"Y-You seem even scarier than a normal person..."

Have a Watery Wednesday vs Coffin Bed and Breakfast


Have a Watery Wednesday vs Kitsy Suntails


Have a Watery Wednesday vs Tiffaknee