maisie's daisies
Hi! My name is Maisie June! Thanks for coming to my "webbed site"!

I'm a little cat! A funny animal! A small creature! I use this website to hold various creative endeavors, though it sometimes holds other random stuff I need a site for. I kinda just do whatever I want on here!

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Thanks so much for visiting I love you!

relevant pagesz
Original Character Profiles
I'm making profiles for OCs one-by-one. Maybe someday I'll have a full set!

Fake Touhou 1: CiAF Story Summary
Get the details on the first Fake Touhou "game"! Flora's in it!

Sleepdreams Guest Book
You can say something fun here! Or not! I don't control you!!

I don't have much else on here yet... I'll get there

This website was originally made to host my twines! Here they are!

ghsot witch adventure 1/22/15
Made in a haze at 5 in the morning! Typo on every page!

merry has a nice day 8/8/15
Enjoy of touhou! Gay rights! Yea baby!

Flora Tales 10/12/18
Made for OCtober! The sizing is broken on some computers! Oops!

Spec Story 9/18/19
Began in 2014! It took 5 years to finish! Uh oh!

My stylesheets are often adapted from these ones from Glorious Trainwrecks!
I'm trying to learn my own but I am not a smart man :)